Spellbreaker Solution

This book was really hard. So, here’s the solution. I honestly think the revised version is possible provided you are super lucky or have a skill of 10… and know where everything is.

This will feature the choices to make when one is offered, and notes on any required die rolls. You’re assumed to win any battles. I’m not going to solve any puzzles – you’re on your own there.

Roll 5 or 6 for gold before you start (9 or 10 gold – 1/3 chance)

Read books (Holy Lives, Gwythain the Protector)
Get herbs (Aramance)
Agree to escort
Don’t pursue (Get key to box)
Stay at Pilgrim’s Rest (earn 10 gold)
Join pilgrims
Enter storytelling contest (Win a skill test, gain 6 Gold)
Win die roll against faith score (should be a 50% chance by now, gain 2 faith and staff)
Go to Healing Well (be brave it’s not that bad)
Give beggar gold (1 Faith)
Get healing waters (with 6 faith you need a 1 or 2 here, so it’s a 1/3 chance. Gain Heal-all)

Okay, now here’s the dirty stinking catch: You have to buy a relic, a falcon, and some rare herbs in the market. You don’t have enough gold for everything. Your options are to go and gamble on a long and tedious board game, or just forget one of the two good relics.

Visit relic stall
Buy shroud (2 Faith)
Leave stall
Visit falconer stall
Buy falcon (do not let the falcon die, ever)
Visit herbalists
Buy common herbs (drake nettle)
Buy rare herbs (phoenix grass)
Leave stall
Leave town south
Help person
Give him food (you did save some, right?)
Ignore the puppet show (you can’t afford it anyway)

Since you met the man from Aryll you get to meet the pied plague piper

Win a skill test
Be lucky (stomp that rat)
Kill the plague piper
Take pipes (do not take the amulet)

And this is where it gets completely ridiculous, as you must get caught. There’s no option to give yourself up, so…

Fight guards (take longer than ten rounds)

Or, just turn to paragraph 25.

Accept beggar’s help
Answer riddle
Free Tira (to get magic powder)
Go south from town
Sleep further into hills
Go to door (runecasting or not, as you wish, you still get extra provisions)
Help village
You have aramance, so turn to that paragraph (eating it cuts down infection points)
Do not be cursed or bitten by a rat (you probably won’t survive)
Use the pipes (roll low for rat bites in the barn to stand a proper chance in the next bit)
Be lucky
You’ve heard of Aryn’s Hill
Raid crypt (I’ll assume you win all the combat and get lucky in this linear bit)
Throw lantern (much easier fight)
Head for the barrow (drink Heal-all here or die)
Tell the Druids you want to enter the barrow
Solve puzzle (I’m not telling you, hah!)
You have the staff, so now you lose it (gain flower)
Be lucky
Raid sarcophagus (take golden sickle and skullsgrig)
Take shield (1 Faith, Skill bonus)
Go northwest
Trick outlaw (win the skill test to make the fight easier)
Ask for more information
Go after the outlaws
Reply to callsign (it’s a bit obvious, really)
Cause a diversion
Be lucky
Take the right door
Kill Mask (get sword for 2 Faith)
Open box (1 Faith)
Go to the inn
Talk to landlady
Talk to friar
Talk to witch hunter (you didn’t take that amulet, did you? Good)
Lose flower (gain shackles)
Hit the Blackmire
Follow trail of blood (be lucky)
Kill marsh monster (get mistletoe, with golden sickle)
Right (get malague)
Straight ahead
Left (get death shroud)
Try to communicate
Accept offer to make potions
Pick salamander potion (needs phoenix grass, drake nettle, skullsgrig)
Pick venom cure (needs deathshroud, malague, mistletoe)
Go to crypt
Invoke spirit
Light candles and pray (roll under 5, so 4/6 chance, to get page of book and holy item)
Refuse ride (stranger danger, kids)

That’s why you need the magic sword. Now, after the slapstick fight with the Grimalkin…

Go after witch
Use powder
Douse the rat
Shackle the witch
Send falcon after raven (can’t win otherwise)
Drink salamander potion when given the chance
Roll high when thrown in pond (50% chance of death here)
You don’t know a word of command so don’t use one

Right, so this is the endgame. Right off the bat: If you didn’t take out the raven, you’ve lost.

Search somewhere else, not the tower
Use password (win faith test – you should be able to win this one for free now – kill monster)
Go to the monastery (you knew this from the start of the book)
Charge into battle against the coven (rolling a 6 will halve the number of combats, but isn’t essential)
Ritual of locking (win a skill test or you eventually lose the book)
Drink venom cure (after this you finally get to fight the villain)
Win faith test (now you know why you need all those faith points – you should have 13 by now)

Just going off the required die rolls (gold, faith test, faith test, faith test, witch trial), there’s a 1/27 chance (3.7%) of winning the book. How’s that for hard?

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  1. Shikhar Gupta says:

    I have posted a video in four parts which is a solution for this book. And I haven’t cheated. I swear on it. Below are links to the same:
    Part-1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFxlbXuJJ2s



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