Dungeon or Jumble Sale?

Wow, was there ever a lot of junk in the dungeon in Eye of the Dragon. I ended up with so much stuff I almost ran out of room on the character sheet. Anything could turn out to be useful, so grabbing everything becomes a compulsion, like in text adventures and their more serious cousins, interactive fiction. I didn’t even use half of this stuff. Items that were consumed or thrown away after being picked up are struck through.

Equipment and Introduction Items

Leather Armour
10 Provisions
Emerald Eye
Slow-Acting Poison

Dungeon Loot

Axe Head
Mirror Shard
Skull Necklace
Potion of Healing
Chainmail Coat
Gold Nugget
Gold Bracelet, Cursed, But Not Really Bad (turned out to be the most useful item)
Crystal Dagger with Bronze Handle
Silver Box (no, you don’t find out what’s in it)
Lion Charm
Broken Dagger x 2 (look, they might come in handy)
Silver Arrowhead
Wooden Box x 2
Tooth, Large
Bronze Key with Number
Dagger x 2
Gold Ring
Pendant of Lie Detection
Iron Key with Number
Glass Ball
Sharp Stick (everything else now looks so much better)
Yellow Flower, Dried
Iron Breastplate
Brown Leaves, Dried
Emerald Pendant
Foul-Tasting Green Paste (green means healthy, right?)
Silver Key with Number
Helm, Cursed But Turned Out Okay
Gold Key with Number
Shovel (gotta have a shovel)
Tattered Book, Cursed
Broken Chair (don’t judge me)
Tattered Flag with Wolf Standard
Staff of Thunder
Bronze Shield
Black Sword with Ruby in Pommel (how it got here is anyone’s guess)
Spell, Makes Holes in Walls
Copper Key with Number
Silver Coins x 3 (piddling small change)
Silver Armband
Moonstone Brooch
Fish Hooks x 3 (I don’t know either)
Brass Bell
Copper Buttons x 3 (killing people for their buttons is a low point)
Ring of Zombie Control
Silver Cross x 2
Kris Knife (you know a demon is coming up when…)
Battle Axe
Healing Potion
Clear Vision Potion
Water Breathing Potion
Green Skin Potion (what does this even do?)
Silver Pin
Sword, “Skullsplitter”
Lead Shot x 3
Copper Bowl
Tooth, Long
Map, Different
Flask of Poison (guess how this adventure ended)

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