Superpower Poll

Okay so I have not posted anything in a few weeks due to stressing out about silly and irrelevant real life stuff like keeping a roof over my head. But this is not good enough: Those wizards won’t kill themselves! So today I venture into the bowels of Scorpion Swamp for an adventure in mapping. It’s a pretty cool book, because it lets the reader pick a quest for one of the three local wizards or merchant based wizard substitutes. Naturally one is good, one is neutral, and one is evil. Hot damn, a chance to work for a villain? I think I know what I’m doing in this adventure!

But that got me thinking: There’s other books with choices that drastically change the plot. None more so than the superhero book Appointment With F.E.A.R. So, given that the super power the reader picks determines what happens, I thought I’d put a poll up and let people decide what power I play through the book with. I’ve never read it before, so I’m going to die no matter which one wins.

So, vote away, and when I get around to the book, probably next week or the week after, I’ll be crushed by the Titanium Cyborg’s minions and it will all be YOUR fault. No pressure!


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