Shamutanti Hills Summary

Here’s the running total so far after my thrilling journey through the picturesque, quaint, and relatively harmless Shamutanti Hills.

Days: 6

Skill Lost: 0

Stamina Lost: 28

Luck Lost: 0

Provisions Gained: 6

Provisions Eaten: 6

Treasure Gained: 30

Gold Spent: 17

Spells Cast: 8

Dop: 1
Doz: 1
Fal: 1
Hot: 1
Jig: 2
Wal: 1
Zap: 1


Glandragor’s Axe
Spellbook Page 102
Bag of Teeth
Silver Key 111
Borrinskin Boots
Bomba Fruit
Ragnar’s Armband of Swordmastery
Crystal Waterfall Pass
Spare Sword
Kharé Gate Key 12

Spell Components Found: 8

Goblin Teeth (4)
Giant Teeth (1)
Beeswax (1)

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