Seven Serpents Summary

Try saying that title three times fast. Here’s the score:

Days: 12

Skill Lost: 0

Stamina Lost: 65

Luck Lost: 7

Provisions Gained: 19

Provisions Eaten: 11

Treasure Gained:

99 Gold Pieces
Golden Locket (value of 8 gold)

Gold Spent: 45

Spells Cast: 20

Dop: 2
Doz: 1
Dud: 1
Fal: 1
Far: 1
Hot: 2
How: 1
Huf: 1
Jig: 2
Mag: 1
Mud: 1
Rap: 2
Wal: 1
Wok: 2
Zap: 1


Glandragor’s Axe
Spellbook Page 102
Bag of Teeth
Silver Key no. 111
Borrinskin Boots
Bomba Fruit
Ragnar’s Armband of Swordmastery
Crystal Waterfall Pass
Spare Sword
Kharé Gate Key no. 12
Gauntlets of Weaponry
Golden Locket (worth 8 gold)
Lucky Talisman
Enchanted Compass of North Gate Spell Line Holder Finding
Large Backpack
Quiver of Silver Arrows: 11 8
Snake Bite Antidote
Note from Analand
Diantainta’s Vial of Stopping Some Evil Monster I Know Little About
Diantainta’s Serpent Staff (see spell components section)
Handful of Green Leaves
Yellow Feathers
Flask of Oil
Silver Whistle of Ferryman Calling
Potion of Cure Disease
Parchment of Time Serpent Stopping

Spell Components Found: 13

Goblin Teeth (4 2)
Giant Teeth (1)
Beeswax (1 Infinity)
Sand (1 Lots 0)
Bracelet of Bone
Sun Jewel
Green Wig
Gold-Backed Mirror
Yellow Powder (1)
Crystal Orb
Brass Pendulum
Staff of Oak Sapling (Diantainta’s Serpent Staff)
Pebbles (5)
Stone Dust (1)
Pearl Ring

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